Susan Nock Garden Design is based in Wellesley, Massachusetts and serves the surrounding metro-west and Boston area.  We offer a wide range of garden services.  Whether you are looking for full garden designs, a single planted container as a focal point in your landscape or help solving a garden problem, we can work with you to create solutions for your home or business. 



We offer the following garden services:

· Container Gardens - concierge container gardens and window boxes including installation and care guidelines.  We can work with your existing containers or provide you with a choice of containers for you to purchase.  Besides flowers we can fill your containers with an abundant vegetable garden, fragrant herbs or succulents.  

· Indoor Containers - custom indoor containers for your home or office.  Indoor containers are the perfect home decor accessory or gift.  We offer interesting foliage or blooming plants, orchids and succulents in a container of your choosing or one that you provide to us.

· Workshops - personalized workshops for small to large groups. We will bring our garden workshop to you for a fun day of learning and making. These are wonderful for parties, garden clubs, work events or other small fundraisers. Examples of our workshops include succulent containers or wreaths, herb or flower planters and seasonal wreaths.

· Garden Coaching - for clients who are interested in expanding their personal garden skills.  Learn to identify plants, fertilize, prune, plan a section of your garden and care for a specific plant or your whole garden.  

· Personal Consultations - for clients who want fresh insights into what they can achieve in their garden without committing to a full design.  A consultation can cover any aspect of gardening or design including layout changes and plant suitability or how to approach a specific problem or opportunity.

· Garden Design – the provision of a complete garden design, planting plans and plant lists.  This can range from a small area of a garden to a whole master plan.