We design gardens for your home or business.  Whether your project is of large, small or undetermined scale, we can work with you to create and realize your vision.  

A typical garden design cycle often includes the following:

  1. We meet at your home or business to review and discuss the property and your goals. At this point we will discuss your style, vision and budget.
  2. Next we will review the landscape, measure, photograph, and record the current conditions.  
  3. Working with you we will look at possible landscape designs and solutions as well as inspirational photographs and drawings that fit within your scope and vision.
  4. We create a concept and discuss it with you, incorporating your suggestions and revising until we've settled on the outlines of a garden plan.
  5. We meet to review the garden plan, which includes a planting plan, plant list and reference images.


· Garden Coaching - for clients who are interested in expanding their personal garden skills.  Learn to identify plants, fertilize, prune, plan a section of your garden and care for a specific plant or your whole garden.  

· Personal Consultations - for clients who want fresh insights into what they can achieve in their garden without committing to a full design.  A consultation can cover any aspect of gardening or design including layout changes and plant suitability or how to approach a specific problem or opportunity.